Victor Dmitriev congratulated the «Our Home» Center on its 75th anniversary

On July 7-9 «Center for helping children «Our home» of the Kaliningrad region celebrated its anniversary. For 75 years now, the Center has been taking care of children left without parental care, has been supporting its young pupils, giving them care and attention, helping children decide on their future profession and find their place in life. The festive events were held with the support of the Ministry of Social Policy of the Kaliningrad Region with the participation of the Legislative Assembly of the Kaliningrad Region.

Chairman of the Public Council under the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor), Director General of the ARPM Victor Dmitriev congratulated the pupils and employees of the Center on the anniversary on behalf of the Board of Trustees, of which he is the Chairman. “It is great that the Center is already 75, and you are so young, cheerful, perky and promising. You have a big interesting life ahead of you, and it is extremely important to choose the right professional path that you have to follow. We are waiting for everyone who wants to devote themself to medicine and pharmacy in our teams, we will prompt and teach you so that you will never be disappointed in your choice,” he said.

For several years, employees of ARPM member companies, together with colleagues from the medical and pharmaceutical communities, have been implementing the project “From Game to Profession” at the Center. Pupils learn the history of pharmacy, acquire elementary skills in weighing materials on pharmacy scales, making “envelopes” for powders, and try themselves as botanists in a pharmacy garden.

Considering that children spend a lot of time outdoors, are fond of sports, love traveling, and the construction of a bicycle path along the Baltic Sea coast is nearing completion in the region, pharmacists presented bicycles to the “anniversaries” so that the children travel around their native land with pleasure.

The moderators and hosts of the event were the heads and specialists of organizations of social services, education, culture and tourism, public organizations, deputies of the Legislative Assembly and representatives of the municipalities of the Kaliningrad region. And the children and their teachers prepared a festive concert for the guests.

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