The Pharmaceutical industry magazine — the information and analytical edition in Russian lighting a wide range of questions of pharmaceutical branch, prospect of development of domestic pharmaceutical industry in modern economic conditions.

Different aspects of interaction of science, education, production and the legislation are reflected in the Magazine. As authors leading experts and experts of a pharmaceutical market, leaders of the industry, representatives of the government and regulatory bodies are attracted. The operational information about the most significant events and the phenomena of the world pharmaceutical market is published in the magazine.

The magazine is addressed to heads and specialists of the industrial enterprises and research institutes, higher education institutions and laboratory centers, representatives of federal and regional branch authorities, teachers and students of profile educational institutions.

The magazine is issued since 2006 with assistance of Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.
— subscription (Rospechat agency);
— target mailing in federal and regional branch authorities, the lead educational and scientific institutions, on the enterprises of medico-pharmaceutical branch;
— distribution on the actions organized by ARFP (The All-Russian Student’s Pharmaceutical Olympic Games, Regional medico-pharmaceutical forums, conferences);
— distribution at specialized industry shows («FARMTEH», «DRUGSTORE»), forums and conferences (including the organized Adam Smith Conferences, Infor-media Russia), the competition «Platinum Ounce» and others.

The magazine is issued 1 time in 2 months with a circulation of 2000 copies.

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Diploma for active participation in highlighting the problems of economic development of Russia and support of domestic entrepreneurship

Diploma of the information partner of the «Platinum Ounce» competition

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