Victor Dmitriev noted the special importance of the enforcement of supranational legislation of the EAEU

The CHEMEX forum started its work in sunny Yerevan: “CHEMISTRY. PHARMA. BIOTECH. NEW CHALLENGES”, which brought together participants not only from the EAEU countries, but also guests from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Particular attention during the conference was paid to the topic of creating and regulating a single legal field of the EAEU in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical science and production.

Victor Dmitriev, Chairman of the Public Council under the Federal service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor), Director General of the ARPM, who previously headed the CIS Interstate Commission for Standardization, Registration and Quality Control of Medicines, Medical Devices and Medical technology, shared his expert experience with the participants of the session “EAEU Regulatory: On the Way to Creating a Single Legal Field”. “From the very beginning, the construction of regulatory legislation within the new geopolitical space of the EAEU proceeded absolutely correctly: each individual national legislation was not improved and harmonized, but a new common supranational regulatory framework was created,” he said. Along with the value of creating the regulatory legal framework itself, Victor Dmitriev noted the particular importance of its enforcement. In this area, the member countries of the EAEU still have discrepancies, and business often goes ahead of the regulators, showing them the way to rapprochement. The current geopolitical situation has also left its mark on the positive idea of ​​creating a single economic space of the EAEU, and we see that the restrictions imposed on the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus also affect other EAEU countries that are not directly subject to sanctions, and these aspects also require analysis and responses from them.

The conference participants also discussed the issues of joint creation of chemical and pharmaceutical clusters, special economic zones, the export potential of the EAEU countries in the field of chemistry and pharmaceuticals, the present and future of biotechnology.

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