There are still barriers that hamper the start of the common EAEU drug market

The economic forum "Business Eurasia. Prospects for business development” was held in the State Residence "Ala-Archa" in Bishkek on the 24 of January. The forum was attended by representatives of the EAEU Business Council, the Eurasian Economic Commission, as well as the business circles of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, China, Turkey and South Korea.

Within the framework of the forum, panel discussions were held where issues related to common approaches to quality, movement and availability of markets for goods were actively discussed. The current topic of digitalization and the definition of uniform, compatible rules for digital products also were touched.

In his speech, Victor Dmitriev, ARPM Director General, noted that according to information received from ARPM member companies, several countries of the Eurasian Economic Union have legal restrictions on the admission of Russian manufacturers to participate in state procurement. Such barriers create unequal conditions for the circulation of drugs in the Union. According to Viktor Dmitriev: “Two topics that worry Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers operating in the common market of the EAEU: barriers that limit the participation of Russian companies in state procurement in the Republic of Kazakhstan and make it impossible for Russian drugs to get on the shelves of Belarusian pharmacies, if there are local analogues. And the prospect of universal labeling of drugs using Russian technology of cryptographic protection, significantly burdening the production and raising the price of products. The solution of these issues will serve as soon as possible the launch of a common drug market and make them more accessible to the population of our countries. ”

In addition, the expert stressed the need to preserve the freedom of movement of goods, while ensuring the interests of countries involved in the implementation of the digital traceability system. New universal and technological principles of the organization of the process should operate throughout the Union, without new barriers.

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