About the growth of the pharmaceutical industry put in a word

On January 22, a press conference was held at the Interfax news agency on the theme: “Initiatives to support Russian drug manufacturers. Myths and reality.” The press conference was attended by representatives of leading pharmaceutical associations, pharmacy organizations and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Opening the press conference, Nelli Ignatieva, executive director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains (RAPC), noted that pharmacy organizations work in close relationship with pharmaceutical manufacturers. “Today our pharmaceutical market is at the development stage. The trend, that medicines are made “on the knees”, should be left in the past. Now these are high-quality products that are not inferior to their foreign analogs. ”

Viktor Dmitriev, ARPM Director General, continuing the topic, emphasized that in recent years, the domestic pharmaceutical market has shown significant growth. “In many respects this is due to the adopted strategy of “Pharma 2020.” The market has passed for 1 trillion rubles. It is gratifying to note that Russian or, as it is said now, locally produced drugs, account for 80% of the VED list. ”

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 2009, Russian drugs occupied about 20% of the market, and its total volume was less than 300 billion rubles. Today, the market volume is 1.246 trillion rubles, and by the end of 2017, Russian medicines occupied more than 30% of the market.

Viktor Dmitriev pointed out that: “For manufacturers, the main thing is that the attitude towards both Russian drugs and the Russian pharmaceutical industry as a whole is changing,” said the ARPM general director.

Evgeny Nifantiev, Chairman of the Coordination Council of the RAPC, General Director of Neofarm, speaking about Russian drugs, noted that more than 50% of drugs in pharmacy chains are the share of domestic, locally produced drugs. According to DSM, 43% of packages of sold drugs are in the price segment up to 50 rubles.

Experts agreed that the successful interaction of all market players creates a favorable atmosphere for cooperation and plays a positive role in lobbying patient interests, and the introduction of new regulatory initiatives, usually, leads to additional barriers.

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