Attention to the DMM system

Issues of quality control of medicines, as well as their availability, especially for decreed groups of patients, are an important component in the work of  Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor).

Speaking at the thematic session of the Gaidar Forum “New formats of drug supply”, Head of the authority Alla Samoilova noted: “The Drug Movement Monitoring (DMM) system has made a great contribution to the development of monitoring of drug supply to the population. It allows real-time monitoring of the availability of anticancer drugs, drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and vaccines for the prevention of coronavirus infection in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, obtaining information about available balances and making prompt decisions on additional supplies of drugs to the regions. Thus, the use of the FSIS DMM functionality makes it possible to provide any citizen of our country, regardless of his/her place of residence, with timely medical and drug assistance, which is one of the most important areas in the healthcare system. This is an extremely important state mission and Roszdravnadzor will continue to fulfill it.”

However, according to business, there are still unresolved issues that impede the smooth operation of the DMM system.

“The responsibility of the operator for failures in the operation of the system, leading to financial losses for the business, requires regulatory consolidation,” commented Victor Dmitriev, Chairman of the Public Council under Roszdravnadzor. – Also, the issue of obtaining information by the manufacturer about the movement of “their” products in the commodity distribution chain has not been resolved.

These and other questions need to be addressed. Currently, there is a public discussion of the draft Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation «On Approval of the Regulations on the Monitoring System for the Movement of Medicinal Products for Medical Use». Business and the public expect that the listed issues will find their solutions in the project under discussion. We also recall that the discussion of the interim results of the system for monitoring the movement of drugs for medical use at a meeting of the Public Council under Roszdravnadzor is scheduled for April 2022.

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