The Public Council under Roszdravnadzor will continue to work on amendments to the draft law on QR codes

The issue of introducing QR codes was the most discussed issue in the last quarter of 2021. Discussions about the need to introduce QR codes, the principles for obtaining them, the technical possibilities of using such codes in remote and hard-to-reach areas, the right to receive a code were held in home kitchens, and in work collectives, and in transport.

This issue did not go unnoticed by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, which in November last year held a zero reading on the laws, which were planned to be amended for the painless introduction of QR codes for the Russian population. Members of the Public Chamber, Chairmen of the Public Councils of relevant autorities, experts prepared a package of amendments to the bills and sent them to the State Duma. Recently it became known that the project on QR codes was not included in the program of the State Duma for the spring session.

The authorities decided to postpone discussion of the draft law on QR codes in public places in the second reading due to the situation with the spread of the omicron strain, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said. The government, together with the United Russia party, in the face of high uncertainty in the development of the epidemic situation, developed a joint decision on the advisability of postponing duscussion of the bill in the second reading. Golikova noted that the bill was prepared as a response to the spread of the delta coronavirus variant, and “now there will be new challenges.”

“The bill needs to be revised. On Monday, January 17, the State Duma Council will discuss the issue of withdrawing the bill on QR codes in public places from consideration,” said State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

Recall that in the first reading the bill on QR codes in public places was approved in December 2021. The document regulates visits by citizens to places of public events, cultural institutions, public catering facilities and retail trade upon presentation of a vaccination QR code, a document confirming that a person has been ill with a coronovirus, or a medical exemption from vaccination. It was assumed that without the appropriate documents it would be possible to visit pharmacies and shops selling groceries and essential goods.

“The extra time that the legislators have got will allow them to work out the bills more carefully,” Victor Dmitriev, Chairman of the Public Council under Roszdravnadzor, commented on the news. — We will also continue to work on the amendments, especially since proposals and comments from citizens come to the electronic reception of the Public Council every day. All of them will definitely be processed, analyzed and discussed in the Public Council.”

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