Strategy «Pharma-2030»

ARPM participated in the conference: «Pharmacy: the priority of the industry», which is traditionally organized by RBC.


     On 30th of March, in Marriott Novy Arbat Hotel there was a meeting of representatives of leading industry associations, business, authorities and market experts, where some key issues related to the development of pharmaceutical industry were discussed.


     In order to bring the industry to a new level and to solve strategic objectives, the government is already discussing the extending of the «Pharma-2020» program until 2030. «Depending on the tasks of healthcare, the priorities of the strategy are also arisen», — Alexey Alekhin, a Director of the Department for the Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, said during the conversation. — Today we receive many proposals from regional authorities, industry associations, development institutions. They will be reflected in the program». Alekhin added that one of the main goals of the strategy will be focusing on exports.


      «Of course, an export-oriented strategy is a priority objective. — Olga Petnegova, a Head of the legal department of the ARPM, has noted. — And we understand that without GMP certification we will not go far. We really want to complete our «national GMP certification». This issue must be accomplished to its logical conclusion. In practice, there are unequal conditions for pharmaceutical manufacturers. We face with situations when plants that meet all international requirements are inspected and compared to plants that are still very far from this level. We would also like to see Russian manufacturers and localized here companies able to confidently enter foreign markets and their certificates were declared on an equal basis with international ones».


     In addition, at the meeting attenders touched upon the issues of supporting the development of Russian APIs, innovations and the interaction of business and government.


     As a result of the conference, a joint resolution will be created with proposals on the formation of the «Pharma-2030» program strategy.

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