Constructive dialogue took place!

On 11th of April there was the Anniversary X Scientific and Practical Conference «Government regulation and the Russian pharmaceutical industry — 2018: continuing the dialogue» in Moscow. The forum gathered more than 250 delegates — representatives of pharmaceutical business and government.

The conference has changed its traditional location, having moved from the Borodino Hotel to the Marriott Aurora, which, in the opinion of the participants, is very symbolic. The event, organized by the key industry associations of the ARPM and the AIPM, targeted at the developing interactions between the main players of the market, annually takes up the actual questions and gathers the unique speakers who choose this event, while many other forums take place at the same time. Speeches of the Minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Director of the department of the pharmaceutical and medical industry and trade development of the Russian Federation, representatives of Ministries and departments, pharmaceutical manufacturers and experts have covered all the most important and pressing issues of the industry.

Viktor Dmitriev (ARPM) and Vladimir Shipkov (AIPM), the Heads of the two leading pharmaceutical associations, set the tone for the conversation masterfully moderating the topics of the sessions. The participants summed up the results of 2017 and evaluated the opportunities for market development in the long term. The topic of marking, a pilot project, which has already started, was actively discussed, but there are still many unsettled issues. They could not ignore the topics of pricing, SPIC and GMP, government procurement and innovations, patent protection and export potential. Another relevant issue is a common approach to regulating the circulation of medicines within the EEU. By 2018, the policy framework for the circulation of medicines united market of the EEU is fully formed. For the first time all the components of the system are united into a single entity. As a result, in February 2018 the first applications for registration of medicines in Kazakhstan were submitted. Representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission assured that they are ready to make contact regarding all issues. But the main thing is to establish cooperation between all the participants of the industry to reach a constructive dialogue.

Following the results of the Conference, it was decided to send a letter to the government and government agencies of the Russian Federation with the proposals for clarifying ambiguous amendments to the Federal Law № 61, which do not allow selling imported and produced medicines on the territory of the Russian Federation without marking after 31st of December 2019.

Viktor Dmitriev and Vladimir Shipkov thanked all the participants of the discussion, stressing that an established dialogue between regulators and business serves a more effective solution of the problems of medicinal provision of the population and the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, and this should contribute to the creation of the National Drug policy.


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