Public control in healthcare: supporting smart initiatives is important

These days in Yakutia, under the motto «The Power of Russia: the Potential of the Territories as a Key to Development», the “Community” Forum is being held. Chairman of the Public Council under the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor), General Director of the ARPM Victor Dmitriev took part in the forum and presented a report at the section “Digital services for interaction with the patient community on the example of the “ZdravControl” project”. In his speech, he spoke about the structure of citizens’ appeals to the electronic reception of the Public Council, noting that around 52% are appeals about the lack of medicines or medical devices, which is explained as an increased number of issues related to logistics, due to the imposition of a number of sanctions measures on the Russian Federation, and insufficiency or untimely financing of this area.

In second place in terms of volume (32%) are citizens’ appeals about the quality of medical care. And here an important point is that most of these issues could be resolved immediately on the ground «here and now.» This is a matter of closer interaction between the patient community and chief physicians, heads of departments, and other responsible persons. In this regard, one of the main tasks of the “ZdravControl” project is to bring the patient as close as possible to those who make decisions on the ground.

The head of the Public Council also noted the positive experience of the FAS, which places standard information letters on its website that answer certain frequently asked questions. A similar service is also available on the “ZdravControl” platform, and it is very important that it is professionals with experience, knowledge and relevant competencies that respond to citizens’ requests.

For the further successful functioning of the “ZdravControl” project, its synchronization with the existing digital systems of Roszdravnadzor and the Ministry of Health of Russia is extremely important. “If there is a single information field and a standard for working with citizens’ appeals, the functioning of the system will be more fruitful and efficient,” Victor Dmitriev emphasized.


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