Pitfalls on the way to a single pharmaceutical market at the conference «Government regulation and the Russian pharmaceutical industry: continuation of the dialogue»

2020 was the year of bringing the drug dossier in correspondence with the unified rules of the EAEU, but the COVID-19 pandemic intervened in this process. In the union states, GMP inspection of sites has been temporarily suspended, and in Russia remote methods of checking good manufacturing practices are being introduced. These are not the only pitfalls on the way to a unified pharmaceutical market. The main issues of law enforcement that require priority attention will be discussed by representatives of the authorized bodies of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union with leading experts of the pharmaceutical industry at the conference "State regulation and the Russian pharmaceutical industry: continuation of the dialogue" on October 27 online.

From January 2021, pharmaceutical manufacturers will have to register their products only in accordance with union requirements. And by 2025, the rules for the production and sale of pharmaceuticals and medical devices should be fully unified on the territory of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. However, a number of the Union states have taken the initiative to keep the national drug registration systems in force in parallel with the Union’s norms and to postpone the transition period for two years.

“These proposals must have a serious justification with an indication of the work plan. But, I think that there was enough time for preparation, — emphasized Victor Dmitriev, General Director of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. — Maintaining a dual system is a big burden on both the regulator and the business. A tremendous amount of work has been done in Russia and by the end of the year all legislation will be brought into line with the Eurasian requirements within the framework of the “regulatory guillotine” mechanism. If we postpone the transition period, then we will have to return to maintaining the two systems, which is costly, irrationally and negatively affects the medical supply of the population of our countries. "

The single pharmaceutical market will reduce barriers associated with the specifics of national pharmaceutical markets, significantly increase the quality, safety and effectiveness of drugs, and most importantly, accessibility for the population of the participating countries.

To date, pharmaceutical companies in five countries are actively registering drugs under new rules, bringing the portfolio’s registration dossiers in correspondence with the established requirements. More than 80 drugs have already received registration certificates according to the rules of the EAEU. About 400 dossiers are under examination, of which 310 are in the Russian Federation. Registration is very intensive, technical problems arise with a single integrated information system. Its throughput is much lower than the volume of documents provided at present.

Registration procedures, issues of inspection and issuance of the EAEU GMP certificates of conformity, the results of the transition period and the prospects for a single union market are in the focus of industry experts. Within the framework of the conference, other equally important topics will be touched upon: the introduction of global drug provision, quality control in the field of drug circulation, issues of interchangeability, pricing, and labeling.

Registration is open on the website www.arfp.ru

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