Prospects for pilot projects on the drug supply at the conference «State regulation and the pharmaceutical industry: continuation of the dialogue»

The pandemic has contributed to the rise in deaths from cardiovascular diseases. In the first half of 2020, almost 40 thousand people died from acute coronary syndrome, and more than 220 thousand people died from coronary heart disease. For many years, cardiovascular disease has been at the top of the mortality statistics rating. Pilot drug reimbursement projects are intended to reduce this high rate; their start was scheduled for July 2020. However, COVID-19 has made its own adjustments.

Initially, the expert community was presented with three models of drug provision for the population: the first provides for 100% provision of patients with the most inexpensive drugs on a free basis, the second implies free provision of drugs to patients at a median price, which includes almost all manufacturers declared under the program for cardiovascular disease; the third is co-financing, when the state pays the patient a part of the price of a prescription drug, such a pilot project is already being implemented in the Kirov region at the expense of the regional budget.

Last fall, it became known that 47 regions expressed a desire to participate in the pilot project, 23 drugs were identified. The regulatory framework is currently being finalized. Perhaps, after a detailed analysis, taking into account all risks, the program will start working next year.

Today, Russian citizens can count on free medicines only when they are in the hospital — the costs of purchasing medicines are covered by the compulsory medical insurance system. People with disabilities, veterans, and children under three years of age receive outpatient medicines at a low cost — this is about 20% of the total population. It is assumed that in the future, the drug insurance system will make available drug care for all working or non-working citizens of the country.

The issues of the availability of medicines are key for the government, the scientific community and business. At the conference "State regulation and the pharmaceutical industry: continuation of the dialogue" the expert community will pay special attention to them. Proposals for the rational and effective use of drugs will be formulated and sent to the regulator.

On October 27, 2020, the main sectoral scientific and practical conference "Government regulation and the Russian pharmaceutical industry 2020: continuation of the dialogue" will be held online. The program: issues of the availability of medicines and the choice of optimal mechanisms for the implementation of the drug reimbursement system, the availability of drug insurance, quality control in the field of drug circulation: reality and prospects. Implementation of legislative initiatives: interchangeability, regulatory guillotine, labeling. The focus is on global challenges and benchmarks for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Investment attractiveness, export potential. Instruments to support the development of the Russian pharmaceutical industry. Analytical review and forecast of the pharmaceutical market development.

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