Drug “collapse” has not been diagnosed

Panic, rush in pharmacies and the inability to purchase necessary medications are canceled. Chairman of the Public Council under the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) Victor Dmitriev, while in the Far Eastern Federal District, visited a number of pharmacies and was personally convinced that the “collapse” of prescription drugs that some alarmists were threatening due to the entry into force of new rules for the sale of prescription drugs on September 1 , did not arise. “The interaction between the regulator and business today is aimed at ensuring that such situations do not occur. But even in the event of force majeure, the first priority for us will always be the patients, and their necessity to receive needed drug therapy in a timely manner. Therefore, the priority of all links in the supply chain is to satisfy the patient’s needs,” noted the head of the Public Council.


The preliminary explanatory work carried out by the relevant ministries and authorities with the medical and pharmaceutical communities, the assessment of stocks of prescription forms in medical institutions, confirmation from the Center for the development of advanced technologies (CDAT) about the technical readiness of the Drug Movement Monitoring (DMM) system to work according to the new rules — all this became the guarantor of the painless implementation of the adopted innovations, which will not only allow to make the market more transparent and the use of drugs safer, but they will also once again remind us of the value of health, the need for a responsible attitude towards it and the prevention of self-medication.

Let us recall that the new rules do not affect all medicines; most of them can be purchased, as before, and only through the remote purchase of prescription drugs, as well as for sale in offline pharmacies of drugs that fall under subject-quantitative accounting or preferential drugs pharmacy workers will have to enter prescription data into the DMM system.


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