ARPM welcomes the decision on the long awaited decree on the so-called “Odd man out”

The Government of Russian has approved a decree on “establishing limits to foreign drugs to access the public procurement” which was called “odd man out” by the community.

The decree was initiated by the Ministry of Trade in Industry and is aimed to regulate state purchases of medicines under Federal Law 44. “A state as a customer should turn away all the applications to supply drugs produced outside the country, with exception to the EAEU countries, and if there were not less than two applications from the EAEU, and also from the same producer, or company group.” The limitations are not effective for the drugs that were packaged in the EAEU countries.

ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev noted the best timing of the decree. “The industry was waiting for this decree. I am confident that this measure will stimulate domestic pharma, and the move of the deadline will allow companies to finish their localization in Russia,” said Mr. Dmitriev.  

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