Conference on Healthcare in Crimea

Despite the energetic blockage of the peninsula, a forum on “Healthcare in Crime- 2015. Regulation and Development” was successfully hold in Simferopol. The forum brought together representatives of authorities and pharmaceutical business to discuss drug provision of people in Crime. Participants of the forum were eager to support people of the peninsula.

“The current situation in Crimea illustrates what are the consequences of the energy dependance. We must provide independence to Crimea in all areas even in pharmaceutical,” said ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitirev. This goal is to be achieved through the state program of import substitution. It is a long-term process with deep analysis, careful planing and careful implementation. It puts business and the Government in charge. Business is responsible for quality, steady price and production volume, and the state has to influence the demand. “Unfortunately the industry is still dependent on the foreign technologies. Russia has no production of pharmaceutical equipment. It is important to work out the whole production chain.

The policy of import substitution has shown its first successful results. Out of 959 million rubles that were allocated to Crimea for medicines based on Federal Law 44, the regional government was able to save 16% of the funds. The forum also showed an interest of investors to Crimea. A construction of a new infusion production was discussed at the forum.

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