ARPM on results and future of import-substitution

The Eighth forum “Healthcare and Resort Medicine” brought together over 200 physicians, pharmacists, industry’s managers and experts in Esentuki. Guests of the forum were discussing issues of physical and psychological health of people, an increase in active lifespan, as well as an implementation of new technologies in the work of medical and resort facilities.


    ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev participated in the special session on the development of the pharmaceutical market of Russia and issues if import-substitution. According to Mr. Dmitriev, the past year showed the greatest growth of pharmaceutical industry in comparison to other areas. The increase was 26%. It is also the only area where import-substitution did not affect prices. According to the deputy minister of Economic Development, Eugenia Elina, other areas had 40% increase in state contracts.

    Mr. Dmitirev also noted that import-substitution is not a situational solution, but a strategic direction for the nearest future. “It is a long path that requires analysts and precise implementation. We must clearly understand what we are capable of producing in Russia and what not.” There are business and state responsibilities wishing the import-substitution.  A producer is responsible for quality, stable price, and production volume while the Government is to catalyze demand for products of import- substitution.

Health Minster of Stavropol Region, Victor Majarov thanked ARPM for support in drug supply of the region. According to last year agreement between the Ministry and the Association, there was a 90-day payment delay for medicines. This measure was very important and helpful during the economic crisis and it allowed to provide state pharmacies (80% if which are in the rural area) with medicines.


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