ARPM: achievements of the pharmaceutical industry are the achievements of medical community

In a city on the Neva river, with the support of the City Healthcare Committee, there was a conference «The role of the professional medical community in healthcare development», which was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Association of Clinical Pharmacologists of Saint-Petersburg.


The main goal of this scientific conference, organized by the Association is to increase the professional level of doctors and to optimize the provision of medicines for the privileged categories of citizens at the regional level.


 Vadim Mazurov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Science, a Chief Therapeutist of Saint-Petersburg said the welcoming speech. The participants of the event also were greeted by a Director of Saint-Petersburg Research Institute of Physics, Peter Yablonsky, a Chief Surgeon of Saint-Petersburg, and Elena Kiseleva, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the city.


Speaking about the achievements of the Russian pharmaceutical industry, Viktor Dmitriev, a General Director of ARPM, has noticed that these achievements also belong to the medical community. According to the results of 2016, the value of the pharmaceutical market was $19.370 billion, which is 2.2% of the world market.


«According to the ratio of sales of foreign to Russian medicines in pharmacies, the share of Russian ones is 26% in Rubles and foreign medicines equals to 74%, having said that, the situation in physical terms is absolutely opposite. The share of Russian medicines is 56% and 44% of foreign ones. The average cost of one unit in Russia is 152 Rubles.», — the speaker said.


A great example of a success of the import substitution can be a $1.5  billion budget saving, with the purchase of glatiramer acetate for the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis. This has happened due to replacement of the original foreign medicine to the Russian analogue. Overall, because of the substitution of imported medicines to local produced analogs, the Ministry of Health saved more than 5 billion Rubles last year. These funds were spent for a development of healthcare system in Russia.


Last years many documents have been approved for the increasing of the Russian pharmaceutical products by 2020 at the Russian market, where the 50% in money terms and up to 90% in the list of the strategically important and the list of essential medicines.


An important point, which was noticed by the General Director of the ARPM, is an employee training. «An interaction of universities and employers, the launch of educational programs and the appearing of new specialties that meet the wishes of pharmaceutical companies – all these should correspond to the modern trends of pharmaceutical industry development.», — the speaker mentioned.


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