Viktor Dmitriev: We shouldn’t hurry up with the Internet medicines trade

The XIXth All- of healthcare authorities, pharmaceutical business and regulators to discuss a wide range of issues of government regulation regarding the circulation of medicines and medical Russian Conference, PharmMedObrasheniye-2017, which was held in Moscow, gathered the representatives devices.


At the session related to the Russian pharmaceutical industry, the General Director of  the ARPM Viktor Dmitriev spoke about the objectives of the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the ways to solve them. «The last 10-12 years have been quite productive for the pharmaceutical industry, having said that, not the simplest. There were financial and regulatory difficulties, but despite this, the industry developed and confidently moved forward. In 2013, we entered the Top-10 markets with a total turnover $ 21 billion, having said that these figures still differed dramatically from the first place — the US market — $ 330 billion», — the speaker said.


The members of the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers — AstraZeneca and Sanofi recently have signed special investment contracts with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the governments of the Kaluga and Oryol regions. Noting this, the speaker paid attention of the audience to a new bill, which assumes two types of SPICs: a 10-year-old, designed for medium-sized industries and a 20-year-old for all others. An important point is the change in the minimum investment from 750 million Rubles to 1 billion. «We also believe that the register models are a positive novelty for business. When signing a special investment contracts, not one participant may be involved, as sometimes a cooperation of several participants is needed», — the speaker emphasized.


Today, the exports to imports ratio at the Russian pharmaceutical market is 1:16. In the development of the export potential of Russian products, financial support is important along with the regulatory one, so that they do not have to do the same registration procedures several times.


Also, an important topic is investments in human resources. The industry has experienced and is experiencing a lack of qualified employees. It is necessary to make maximum efforts, for the training of specialists. The business should not stay aside. It is necessary to actively participate in the creation of the elective programs and training projects which exist, both at the government level and with the support of non-governmental organizations.


Another novelty is a project in progress regarding the investment deduction from the income tax. «It is assumed that they will be reduced from 20% to 5%. Of course, this is extremely  esting and will be positively embraced by a business», — the speaker noticed.


Also, the General Director of the ARPM has noticed the current and difficult issue of Internet stores. «The opinion of business is undoubted, we should not take an «ostrich policy». New technologies should develop. But we have to clearly understand that scientific and technological progress is not good only, but also new risks. Nuclear power engineering and aircraft construction are dramatic confirmation of this. If we take into consideration the Internet pharmacy store, 10 criminal cases were initiated during several days for the sale of counterfeit medicines via the Internet, this is a strong warning to all who are in a hurry with these «start-ups». Even more so fast to cover both Rx and OTC medicines is a very risky initiative. There are many hot-brains, however, they are not from the pharmaceutical industry, but from the IT companies engaged in the Internet trade», -the expert said.


The PharmMedObrasheniye Conference annually gathers over 1100 participants and it is the major scientific and practical event in the pharmaceutical industry, aimed at the improving the mechanisms for providing the citizens of the Russian Federation with the affordable, high-quality, safe and effective medical products.


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