Two weeks until the Fourth Partnering “Russian Medicines. An interdisciplinary dialogue.”

Two weeks are left until the start of the Fourth Partnering “Russian Medicines. An interdisciplinary dialogue.” The event is organized by the Federal Antimonopoly Service if Russia, Healthcare Ministry of the Tatarstan Region and the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. The conference will take place in Kazan on September 22.

The agenda of the upcoming conference is the improvement of the current drug provision system in Russian, and regulation of state purchases. The particular concentration of the meeting is the regulation of the contract system of purchases, future of the centralized, procurement special investment contracts, craters of the “local product”, and the CT-1 certificate. Participants of the conference will also discuss particular issues that they faced during trades that took place under the “odd man out” Government order.

The event hosts always try to expand the number of professionals participating in the partnering as well as improve the dialogue between them. Therefore, now anyone can ask a question to any guest of the meetings, as well as to speak about current issues and propose solutions to them via the link. All the questions will be discussed at the panel with State Duma representatives, members of the General Prosecutor Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Health Ministry, Ministry of Industry and Trade, The Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Roszdravnadzor, CCI, pharma producers, wholesalers, distributors, analytical and law firms.

Head of the Federal Control Service in healthcare, Mikhail Murashko who submitted his welcoming speech to the participants noticed their productive work. “Today the professional cooperation between state authorities, business, and medical community are very much in demand. We have common goals that involved precise and competent approach. Those issues are: the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, implementation of the state program of import substitution, design, and the introduction of the system of tracking if pharmaceutical products. In order to resolve those issues, it is important to find a rational balance between interests of patients and economic interests of the domestic pharmaceutical companies. The Roszdravadzor as the controlling agency is very interested in the dialogue with the professional community and non-profit organizations. I am confident that jointly we will effectively and timely accomplish all the goals.”

The general partner of the event «Novartis Pharma”, partners — «Polysan», «R-Pharm», «Novo Nordisk» and «Izvarino Pharma.» General information partner — «Pharmaceutical Bulletin», Information partner — «News of GMP», «Moscow pharmacies», «Vademecum», «The development and registration of medicines», «modern medicine», “Pharmacy».

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