The Russian pharmaceutical industry is ready for the full production cycle of insulins and blood products

The Russian pharmaceutical industry is ready to design and produce in full cycle insulins and blood products, however, the producers need the support of the Government. This conclusion was made at the meeting of the RSPP’s healthcare branch and the TPP commission on an enterprise in healthcare and medical industry which took place on April 18.

    A production of medical substances is the key goal of the domestic pharmacy. Director General of GER0PHARM, Peter Rodionov pointed out that the company has the capacity to provide a third of the substance demand for insult production in the country. However, it is still important to have a full cycle production of insulin analogs in Russia. Sanofi- Aventis East and Medisnthez have presented their plans for production of human insulin and its analogs in the full cycle in Russia. The value of those company’s production capabilities can cover 30% of the market. 

    Companies also voiced their ability have a full cycle production of blood products. President of Farmimex, Alexander Apazov introduced a project to localize a production of blood medicines. This plans will include a plant construction and blood transfusion stations by 2025. The products will cover over 30% of the demand.

    ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev asked producers not to concentrate solely on the Russian market. but also, develop export capacities. Also, it is time to forget about the term “foreign producer”. For example, Sanofi is sometimes called a foreign company, despite the fact that it has been localized in Russia for a ling time. It is a product, not a company that is being traded at the state auctions. Therefore, it is correct to call a product local if it is produced in Russia. Executive Director of the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Vladimir Shipkov supported Mr. Dmitriev’s position. Mr. Shipkov also added that it is important to be reasonable with producers who invest in the transfer of their production facilities and technologies.

    The meeting guests also supported the initiative if the Ministry of Industry and Trade to give State sales preferences two companies depending on the level of production. According to the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development, the agency together with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Federal Antimonopoly Service have pre-agreed to the following order of registration application. First to consider applications from companies that have full cycle production, then GLC producers, and only after that to consider those companies that only do packaging in Russian.


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