Pharma medical forum “Healthcare and the development of the pharmaceutical industry: an interdisciplinary dialogue” took place in Crimea

Pharma medical forum Healthcare and the development of the pharmaceutical industry. An interdisciplinary dialogue, which was organized by the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers together with Health Ministry of Crimea and the Healthcare commuter of the State Duma took place in Yalta on July 7, 2015.

Over 300 participants from state agencies and pharmaceutical companies took place in the event. The key topic of the meeting was drug provision of people in the new region of Russia- Crimea. The forum discussed issues of adaptation of healthcare, drug provision in Crimea as well as the future and current situation of import substitution and price regulation.

Health Minister of Crimea, Alexander Mogilevsky, Roszdravnadzors representative, Anastasia Nikitina, and Director of Crimea-Pharmaciya, Vyacheslav Dobrecov gave speeches at the main session of the forum.

Mr. Dobrecov spoke about the current drug provision issues and the role of Crime-Pharmaciya its improvement. Today there are 140 medical facilities and 700 pharmacies. Mr. Dobrecov noted the importance of solving the primary issues for example: import substitution, GMP certification, guaranteed sales, as well as transfer issues: adaptation to the new legislation, changes in variety of medical products, treatment protocols and standards. He also noted that in order for the system to work efficient in Crimea, it is important to consolidate the force of authorities, medical facilities, pharmacies, drug producers and distributors. 

Mrs. Nikitina spoke about the measures of state control in drug circulation, among which there is quality check of imported medicines and random serial check of drugs. She also mentioned the expected resulted results from the implementation of individual labeling and monitoring of transit of medicines. The system allows to protect legal turnover of medicines from fake medicines, as well as to provide operational control  of the market and it segments. Finally she highlighted the issues of organization of privileged drug provision, price and accessibility of medicines from the list of essential medicines. 

Representatives of DSM Group, Akrikhin, Polysan, Novo Nordinsk, Geropharm and Kursor Marketing also shared their ideas on the discussed topics.

Director of economic security of Geropharm, Andrey Ahnatyev spoke about particularities of competitive purchases of medicines, as well as about the legislation issues in regulation of import substitution of insulin. Geropharm is  actively fighting against restrictions to participate in auctions to provide medicines. It is within the state medical security to reform the legislation and form good practice.

Head of regional and federal projects of Novo Nordinsk, Sergey Vlasov gave his presentations as well. Novo Nordinsk is one of the world leaders of treatment  of diabetes. Mr. Vlasov spoke about the new insulin production plant of the company in Kaluga. He noted a high importance to bring modern technologies to Russia. Pharma medical forum is a unique platform to exchange ideas between business and state authorities, as well as to discuss the general strategy of the Pharma 2020 program. The countrys healthcare system is going through positive changes right now and Novo Nordinsk is have its positivity influence on treatment preventive care of diabetes, Mr. Vlasov.

DSM Gorup Director General, Sergey Shulyak another that for the last five years the average growth of pharmaceutical market in Russia in price value reached 12%, and will increase by another 12-15% in 2015. Also, 50% of the market is under state price regulation (the list of essential medicines), and these medicines were the least to be influenced by the inflation of  2014-2015. The russian market has over 1000 pharmaceutical producers of which 600 are domestic.

Director General of Kursor Marketing, Ekaterina Zadonskaya spoke about state purchases in Crime. The value of tender purchases increased by 155 billion rubles in the first 3 moths of 2015 in comparison with the previous 3 months. Most of the trades are hold at the open auction. Almost 70% of the purchases are of foreign medicines.

Commercial Director of Polysan, Dmitry Boris gave a speech on import substitution. The largest share of domestic medicines takes up the segment of clinical purchases (26.3%), and the smallest share takes up by the medicines of the privileges drug provision (13%). The share of medicines from the List of essential medicines has increased by 13% in comparison with 2014, and 35% of these medicines are produced by domestic companies, and 10% are produced by mutual russian and foreign companies. According to him, the original russian medicines are not less effective than the foreign products.

This Forum is a well-tried format of interaction of state authorities, business and medical specialists. Today this kind of format is very up-to-date as it allows to discuss issues of import substitution, optimization of healthcare and pharmaceutical economics. This years forum took place in Crimea and it is was the key meeting for the regions healthcare.

First Vice President of Akrikhin, Ivan Tulyaev noted the positive results of the forum. Akrikhin is delightful to be a partner of the forum. One of the main topic of the forum was the issues of helthcare of Crimea and the strategies of import substitution. The forum showed that the pharmaceutical business can rely on the state support on key topics.

ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev, the forum moderator, noted the success of the forum and expressed his wishes that such forums would continue to bring together industrys professionals from all over the country.


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