«PARMA» for pharma

One of the oldest Ural universities, the Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy, is celebrating its 85th anniversary these days. Festive events are held in the capital of the Perm region as part of the 28th Interregional Medical and Pharmaceutical Exhibition-Forum MedFarm-2022.

The plenary session dedicated to this solemn date was marked by the conclusion of a trilateral agreement between the Government of the Kama region, the Perm Scientific and Educational Center «Rational Subsoil Use» (SEC) and the hero of the day, the Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy of the Ministry of Health of Russia, on the establishment of the Perm Center for Cluster Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry «PARMA». The corresponding document was signed by Governor of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin, Director of the SEC Pavel Ilyushin and Rector of the Pharmaceutical Academy Vladimir Luzhanin.

Dmitry Makhonin noted the importance of the development of pharmaceutical knowledge and technologies for Russia in the current economic and geopolitical situation. “We all understand that this industry today is one of the most strategically important, including in terms of import substitution. Currently the markets are changing a lot, transforming. I repeat once again that all that is a window of opportunity for Russian pharmaceutical companies, these are the conditions in which they can occupy and develop new market niches for them. Among the industrial partners of our SEC are the best universities in the country and our chemical companies, which means that there are good prospects for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Now we are combining all our efforts, due to which new developments will be created within the framework of the SEC. According to experts, these will be medicines both for the prevention and treatment of diseases in humans, and for use in veterinary medicine. In addition, work is planned to create bioadditives, as well as in other promising areas, for the development of which scientific developments are very much needed today,” said the head of the Perm Region.

The moderator of the meeting, Chairman of the Public Council under the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor), Victor Dmitriev congratulated the Academy on its anniversary and emphasized the demand and relevance of cluster centers in today’s conditions of the highest level of fundamental knowledge and continuous improvement of technological developments. “Today, the association of scientific and educational organizations for pharmaceuticals is a boon, expanding opportunities for the development of the industry and each organization individually,” he concluded.

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