At the results of 2022, ARPM is recognized as the most influential pharmaceutical association

On March 2, in an old Moscow mansion on Trubnaya streer, where the School of Modern Play theater is located, the most authoritative publication in the industry, Pharmaceutical Bulletin, celebrated its 29th anniversary among numerous guests.

By tradition, in honor of its birthday, publication summed up the results of the past year by solemnly announcing the winners of the influence rating of the most significant subjects of the pharmaceutical market in 2022. According to numerous experts, the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers was recognized as the industry association that has had the greatest impact on the development of the pharmaceutical market in 2022. In light of how non-trivial and difficult the past year turned out to be for the industry and for the country as a whole, this award is especially valuable and significant.

At the end of the ceremony, ARPM General Director Victor Dmitriev said that this award rightfully belongs to all members of the Association, since only joint efforts and common work for the benefit of the industry can earn such a high appreciation from colleagues.

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