ARPM: «We have to fix a mistake and to prevent another one!»

     The results of the business and exhibition program of BIOTECHMED-2018, which was completed in Gelendzhik, are analyzed by experts, professionals already agree that the most acute and topical issues of the industry have been discussed during the forum.


     A session devoted to the implementation of the marking system caused the agiotage among the guests. According to Viktor Dmitriev, a General Director of the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, the implementation of additional cryptographic data, not provided by the Ministry of Healthcare’s methodological mechanisms, may negatively affect the pharmaceutical market and the development of the industry. «We have calculated, with the implementation of «cryptotails», the amount of defective products – the ones, the code of which can not be read with scanners, will grow by 30%. The Government Decree of the Russian Federation of 28.04.2018 N791-p, which states the functioning model of the marking goods system with facilities of identification in the Russian Federation, with regard to additional crypto mechanisms, we perceive as a serious mistake for the pharmaceutical industry, which is not too late to fix! If the mistake is corrected, the industry will also be able to move actively towards marking. The second mistake has not yet happened, having said that, it is already about to happen. The law clearly states: transfer of data without compensation. It turns out that it is planned to charge for each issued cryptocode, and for information of the movement of medicines. We are absolutely against that! If we want to reach the announced deadlines for the implementation of the experiment by 2020, we must correct the first mistake and not to make the second one».


     According to the Decree of April 28, 2018 №791-p, the work model of the marking system of products is confirmed in the Russian Federation. The system will be added with «cryptotails» — the code for each item generated by special software. According to Mikhail Dubin, a CEO of the CRPT, it is planned to charge 50 kopecks from producers for each generated code. Obtaining information about the movement of products will also be paid, in fact, that is contrary to the law, and naturally will affect on the final cost of drugs.

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