ARPM: it is important to support the low-price segment of medicines

    ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev participated in the work of the Discussion club “Pharmaceutical business. The time of change” that was hosted by the Business Association Network North-West.

    In his presentation on “Review of the Russian Pharmaceutical market,” Mr. Dmitriev noted the trend of the increase the market volume in Rubles (according to DSM group by 8.5% in 2015) and the trend of the decrease in the value of sales in US Dollar (by 32%). The volume of the private sector decreased by 0.7% in February of 2016 compare to January of 2016. It reached 315.5 million packages which are by 18.2% less than at the same period past year. The average package price reached 146.30 Rubles in February 2016.

    Guests of the meeting noted the importance to support producers of the low-price segment of medicines. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, 26 out of 67 manufacturers that produced the low-price segment of medicines stopped their production for some of the medicines during the period of April to January of 2015. Overall, 182 medicines have vanished from the market, 131 of which are from the low-price segment. However, the price for this segment has increased by 16%.

    ARPM supports the position of the Health Minister, Veronica Skvorcova, who for many times proposed to switch from the hard regulated prices to referent price formation.



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