ARPM has joined the Board of Trustees of the Greek-Russian Chamber of Commerce

The first meeting of the the Board of Trustees of the Greek-Russian Chamber of Commerce (GRCC) took place at the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. The meeting was attended by president of the GRCC, Dimas Christos, vice-president of the TPP (Gregory Petrov), ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev and other representatives of the business communities of Russian and Greece.  The main agenda of the meeting was the mutual relations in economics and trade, as well as  other business connections between the two countries. 

The Greek-Russian Chamber of Commerce was created in 1995. Today it unites over 300 companies, state agencies and business associations. The GRCC signed an agreement with ARPM on stimulation of economic growth of Russia and Greece as well as to develop trade and investment activities. The agreement was deigned in February 2015.

The Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers also have joined the Board of Trustees of the GRCC. ARPM CEO, Mr. Dmitriev in his speech at the meeting noted that the cooperation of Russia and Greece in the medical and pharmaceutical areas are particularly important in 2016. Also, Greece could be considered as a link between the EAEU and the EU.

Participants of the conference agreed that the sanctions had negative effect on both European and Russian businesses. The Greek market felt it significantly. The market of tourism decreased. In order to effectively resolve the current issues and to design future cooperation it was agreed to have more meetings next year as well as annual conferences. They also discussed ways to organize a conference in the the Krasnodar region or in Crimea. Deputy minister of Crime, George Muradov spoke about the success of the First Yalta Economic Forum and invited his Greek colleagues to visit the second forum. Also a creation of an annual Russia- Greek Economic Forum was discussed at the conference, as well as participation of the GRCC in St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

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