ARPM has gained a new member- Medical Research and Production Complex BIOTIKI

    Medical Research and Production Complex BIOTIKI has joined the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. BIOTIKI was found in 1991 by a team of the research lab that was working on regulation of metabolism. The lab managed by professor Irina Komissarova, Ph.D. The company was able to preserve unique team achievements in the study of amino acids and vitamins. The company also organized a production of modern domestic medicines.

    For the last 25 years, BIOTIKI remains a leading producer of unique metabolite medicines, which are used to treat metabolic disorders. The company is oriented to produce new innovative pharmaceutical products, which are ahead of the current medicines by decade. BIOTIKI not only holds research activities but also integrates new findings into its products. BIOTIKI products such as Glycine, Limontar®, Biotredin® and Eltacin® have gained popularity among medical staff and patients. The company has patents in Russia, USA, and Western Europe which confirm its high quality and compliance with high, European GMP standards. Glycine by BIOTIKI is included in the list of essential drugs. The company’s social orientation allows it to keep their products accessible for people and keep the prices low.

    “BIOTIKI products are well-known and in high demand by physicians and patients. This confirms its quality and the quality of production. I want to mention the company’s high social responsibilities. When in the summer of 2008 there was a high demand for Glycine for children in Tskhinvali, an hour after my conversation with Yaroslav Narcisov a humanitarian aid with medicines from the company was submitted to be sent to South Ossetia. We a delighted that BIOTIKI became our member. I am confident that together we can reach many great outcomes,” ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev.  

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