About the complexities with no middlemen: Public Council of Roszdravnadzor works in the regions

     On 29th of May, a meeting of the Public Council at the Territorial Administration of Roszdravnadzor was held in Pskov, where Viktor Dmitriev, a Deputy chairman of the Public Council of Roszdravnadzor took part. This was the second meeting with colleagues in the regions. Such format of communication allows specialists to learn about the problems in the regions from the origin.


     «The time has come for an inventory of the regulatory framework and its reform to implement an effective provision of medicines», — Viktor Dmitriev has noted in his speech. «Public control involves not only identifying of issues, but assisting in their solution».


     Viktor Dmitriev started the topic of drug insurance. To penetrate in this practice, we need to solve the main issues: the sources of funding and the willingness of the population to this system. At the moment, there are many prerequisites for accelerating the implementation of the project, Viktor Dmitriev believes. Provision of medicines should replace the system of monetization of medicinal benefits. «Today, Federal and Regional beneficiaries are also facing the problems. The most problems in regions are low incomes and weak filling of budgets. Infinite subsidies can not solve the issue», — Victor Dmitriev has emphasized at the meeting. «At the same time, we have to understand, most beneficiaries prefer to get money instead of medicines. Only 20% of beneficiaries apply for medicines. The financing of this benefit does not exceed 50% of the required amount. It is necessary to increase the spending pattern on healthcare, or to cancel all cash payments». The solution to the problem, the expert believes, is drug insurance and co-payment. «The patient at his own expense can get the necessary medicine and then get compensation from the government. The state guarantees free receipt of the drug according to INN for the lowest price. The purchase of a specific medicine for a specific patient should only be decided by a medical commission for medical reasons. All other «wishes and dreams» will be paid from their own pocket» — the Deputy chairman of the Public Council of Roszdravnadzor added.


     Another topic of discussion was the selling of prescription drugs without a prescription. Roszdravnadzor according to the last year results revealed that this is one of the main administrative offences. «As a result, a rigid and systematic work to prevent the selling of prescription drugs without a prescription was justified, pharmacists stopped selling them without doctor’s prescription. However, there was a problem: doctors have forgotten how to write prescriptions correctly. As a result, patients are left without the necessary medicine because of an improperly prescribed prescription, and doctors stop writing them out to protect themselves from a check».


     The subjects of responsibility of legal entities for non-compliance with the requirements of Roszdravnadzor also has been discussed. According to experts, it is necessary to tighten control over the quality of work of medical and pharmaceutical organizations, since there is a lack of responsibility among the subjects. It’s time to introduce an administrative forfeiture for non-compliance with the requirements of Roszdravnadzor.


     All these problems are increasingly becoming topics of round tables and meetings in the regions, which allows us to know about the situation directly. The next sessions of the Public Councils will be held on 6th and 8th of June in Penza and Kaliningrad, respectively.

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