Winners of the Fifth All-Russian Student Pharmaceutical Olympics were announced

Winners of the Fifth All-Russian Student Pharmaceutical Olympics were announced at the State Humanitarian University of Technology, Orekhovo-Zuevo on January 31. The team from  Moscow State University won the nomination “Pharmacy” and the team from St. Petersburg State Academy of Chemistry and Pharmacy won the nomination “Pharmaceutical technologies”. 

The second place went to the team from Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy and Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technologies. The bronze medal went to students from Vitebsk University of People’s Friendship and Kursk State Medical University.

The winners received medals and prizes from the organizers, sponsors and media partners of the event. Also, the victory in Pharmaceutical Olympics is a great advantage for future career development. According to representatives of Takeda, the company is welcoming the winners to have the internship in the company.

As a part of the educational process, the students visited training hosted by company partners of the Games on issues of clinical trials, pharmacoeconomics and other areas of the business.

Deputy Minister of Education of the Moscow region, Yuri Kartushin passed the flag of the Games to Deputy Minister of Education of the Nigniy Novgorf region, Larisa Saniskaya. The region which will host the Games of 2019.

“The Games became a continuation of a unique educational project aimed to train and prepare professionals for the pharmaceutical industry. I would like to mention the format of the competitions. They took place in a relaxed and at the same time working conditions. Also, I want to mention the high level of preparation of all participants and hosts of the event,” said representative of Astellas, the golden partner of the Games.

The Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers congratulates the winners of the Games and wishes them a great luck and future success, as well as thanks, all participants, hosts, media, and partners of the Games.

The golden partner of the event- Astella

Official partners: R-Pharm, Takeda, Servier

Partners: Ecolab, Geropharm, marketing agencies DSM group and IMSHealth

General informational partner- newspaper Pharmacevtichesky vestnik

Informational partners: Pharmaceutical Industry, Remedium, Vademecum, Moscow pharmacies, Pharmacy Business, Medical Vestnik, Pharmacy Union, Development and registration of medicines. 

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