Viktor Dmitriev: The growth of number of signed SPICs says about the investors’ interest in this mechanism

At the «Pharm Forum RBC-2017: innovations, investments, forecasts» the General Director of the ARPM, Viktor Dmitriev in his speech at the «Investment Trends» session said that the special investment contracts are one of the ways to attract investments and to develop our pharmaceutical industry. «Over the last month, three SPICs have been signed, and in general we perceive this mechanism positively. The other thing is that the regulatory act is ill-defined, and many points are interpreted ambiguously. Because of this, many discussions arose. Only as a result of discussions, having come to a common understanding, a potential signer decided to sign a special investment contract or not. In any case, we perceive SPIC 1.0 as a step forward», — the speaker emphasized.



«As for SPIC 2.0, it is assumed that in the new amendments many ambiguous formulations that could be interpreted in two ways will be more specific and, accordingly, there will be a clear understanding of the process: «what?», «how?» and «when?» to do. An important point is an increase of the minimum investment payment from 750 million Rubles to 1 billion; also SPICs will be split into two types: a 10-year, designed for medium-sized industries and 20-year, for all others», — the expert said.



Another interesting issue, which the General Director of the ARPM has mentioned is the possibility of certain cooperation when signing a special investment contracts. Today, the SPIC is signed with a specific legal entity, but it happens quite often that for the special investment contract implementation the cooperation is required. At the SPIC 2.0 such opportunity is assumed.


The Director of the Department of the Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Alexey Alekhin at the Pharmaceutical Forum of RBC told about the successful development of the Pharma-2020 program. «Of course, there are some points where we have not yet achieved the expected result due to the certain difficulties in regulation. We have medicines which enter the market quite quickly and successfully. We registered 62 generics and bioanalogical medicines and 2 ones developed within the framework of the innovation support program: for the treatment of Hepatitis C and type 2 diabetes», — the expert mentioned.


Speaking about SPIC 2.0, the speaker noted that the Ministry of Finance will play a leading role. «At the moment the project is being discussed. Now it is important to hear the opinions of the pharmaceutical companies and industry associations while preparing the project», — the expert added.

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