Viktor Dmitriev: one whole pharmaceutical market EurAsEC works only on paper

On 29th of June there was a meeting of Integration Council in the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs regarding an interaction with Eurasian economic committee after the EES report came out regarding the main directions of integration.


Speaking at the meeting, a General Director of the ARPM noticed, that the whole pharmaceutical market has not yet started, while business is at the start line. «All documents are signed, but the whole pharmaceutical market is working only on paper. Unfortunately, in the nearest future we are not waiting for a «starting shot», however, we really hope the «shot» to be.», — the speaker emphasized.


In the opinion of pharmaceutical community the one whole pharmaceutical market is not starting due to the regulators in EurAsEC countries are frightened by the open competitive landscape. It is expected, that the results of their work will become public and will be estimated by their colleagues from other countries. «Companies – members of the ARPM along with the members of other partner associations have prepared the lists of medicines, which we are ready to forward to a centralized procedure: one medicine is getting a Marketing Authorization in five countries at the same time. Unfortunately, we can not get the process start», — the General Director of ARPM said.  «We expect an effective collaboration of regulators of the Union countries, instead of that, we can often observe an interdepartmental disputes within the country. In Russia, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is responsible for manufacturing control, the Ministry of Health is responsible for the registration of medicines, Roszdravnadzor is responsible for the medicines quality at the market, the FAS is responsible for the competitive environment. We often meet, fight between these four structures and we can not come to a single decision quickly. Honestly, we expect the start of the whole market with a certain degree of vigilance as we do not know what the effects for business are in this process.»


In addition, Viktor Dmitriev announced about a necessity to create new manufacturing chains. «Today, especially taking into consideration the sanctions, we speak about the import substitution more often. Especially the pharmaceutical industry is dependent on foreign supplies. It is dependent not only of the active ingredients from which the medicines are being produced, but also of the equipment. The things with producing of the pharmaceutical equipment in the country are really bad. We talked to the Ministry of Industry many times to encourage this process and just hear from them that there is a highly competitive environment at the market and this market is not attractive for producers of equipment. Therefore, today we are 100% dependent on the imported equipment, especially in producing of biotechnological medicines.», — the speaker emphasized.

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