Viktor Dmitriev about marking: «The match will be held in any weather»

General Director of the ARPM Viktor Dmitriev, speaking at the conference "The Pharmaceutical Market in Russia: Results and Prospects", has highlighted several key points that the pharmaceutical industry focuses on today.


First of all — marking. "Now the experiment is going and its midterm results are being discussed by the working group weekly. Analyzes both predictable questions: financial support, technological, technical, design and construction tasks, and unforeseen questions, such as the mismatch of databases in various government organizations." — Victor Dmitriev has noted. "All these issues are being solved progressively. Solutions appear: standard, or individual. Now the work is in progress and we can confidently say that "the match will be held in any weather".


The second point is the expected start of the EAEU market not only on paper, but also in practice, and therefore the consequences for the industry, government structures and patients. "Today, we have prepared a list of medicines that companies are ready to launch on the principle of centralized registration in five countries at the same time, but so far the regulators are not ready for this." — the speaker mentioned.


Also, the speaker highlighted some law enforcement novels related to the advertising of medicines. In the speaker’s opinion, the FAS took an aggressive tactic to this issue. "The representatives of companies have faced incomprehensible and non-standard solutions on these issues. The morphology of advertising mottoes was assessed in two ways and in the end everything was decided against the business. On the eve of the meeting, the Expert Commission of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), where the representatives of the industry addressed to the regulator authority with their remarks and wishes. So here we have made a step forward"- General Director of the ARPM has mentioned.


Konstantin Belanov, Deputy Head of the Department for the Organization of Quality Control of Healthcare Products of Roszdravnadzor has noted: "The main goal of the experiment is not the maximum coverage of those who wish to participate in the experiment. Currently the other parameters are important. Firstly, determining the effectiveness of the system that is being developed. By now, we can say that this task is solved — the system is efficient effective. Secondly, the determining of the necessary adaptation of the system. It’s not a secret that the operator of the system is the Federal Tax Service. They already have experience working with the project on marking fur coats, so the issue of updating is now also solved. Thirdly, the preparation of legally enforceable enactments. This issue is now at the decision stage", — the expert said.

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