Victor Dmitriev will represent pharmaceutical industry in the Council of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation

The Seventh meeting of the Russian Chamber of Commerce took place in Moscow. Delegates and guests of the meeting discussed issues of development of small and medium-sized businesses, foreign economic relations and investment attractiveness of the Russian Federation.

President Putin addressed the delegates of the congress. He noted that the Chamber of Commerce is the largest business union with longest traditions. It is the All-Russia Union with 181 representative branches in the country. It is a trusted partner of the state when to deal with significant socio-economic goals.

Issues of investment attractiveness of Russian pharmaceutical industry were discussed at the platform “Business and investment: new challenges, new plans”. Giving a presentation on the situation in the pharmaceutical market, Mr. Dmitirev noted that pharmaceutical industry is one of the few fields where despite the economic decline, there is a significant investment activity. Foreign companies that localize their production in Russia have invested over 2 billion Euros in the industry. Those companies not only became ARMP members, but also their products are considered as “made in Russia” and should get all the preferences that were created for Russian medicines.

Investment climate of the industry depends not only on economic conditions and infrastructure but also on regulatory base that determines drug rules of drug turnover. The Russian Chamber of Commerce can play its role in improving investment activity. Implementation of Government order #1289, that is also known as “odd man out” presumes to issue the CT-1 certificate on the origin of a medicine by regional bodies of the Chamber of Commerce. Pharmaceutical production facilities are located in different regions of Russia and it turned out that depending on technological parts of production the status of the final product is determined differently. The timeline, criteria, and origin of the product vary depending in the region.

A new Consul of the Chamber of Commerce was elected at the congress. The Russian Pharmaceutical industry will be represented by ARPM Director General, Mr. Dmitriev and Chairman of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Committee on the enterprise in healthcare and medical industry, Valery Sregienco.

At the end of the congress, reelected member if the Council, Victor Dmitriev gave an interview. “My election is an evaluation of attachment of the whole industry of Russian pharmaceuticals and all member of the Association; all who was working to implement the Pharma-2020 strategy.  As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, I will work on efficiency and common approach in issuing a CT-1 license in the regional chamber. I hope to get support from the industry’s colleagues from the Chamber, as well as with the members of the Association, industry’s unions and investors of the market,” said Mr. Dmitriev.


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