Victor Dmitriev: we are not fearing problems with drug manufacturing

We are not seeing a significant reduction in the import of medicines — import is on. There is a reduction only in certain positions, due to the fact that logistics is becoming more expensive. Thus, Russian drugs manufactured in the Russian Federation acquire additional competitive advantages and, therefore the import of a drug with an identical INN becomes less profitable due to expensive and lengthy logistics.

Another very important point: according to our estimates, we have now imported 25% more substances into the country compared to last year. Therefore, we have stocks, and we are not afraid of any problems with the manufacturing of medicines.

As for pricing, there is the official level of inflation and a certain increase in the net cost, but with the right solution of these issues, we will ensure the availability of medicines for citizens while maintaining the entire assortment list. Covid has taught us a lot, so we do not expect to see any dramatic problems with drug provision.

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