The Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers has grown with the local site «Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited»

On April 1, 2021, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (India), another company that localized production in the Russian Federation, joined ARPM.

Sun Pharma is focused on the Russian market and deep localization of production. PJSC «Biosintez» is the company’s production site in the Penza region, and today it produces more than 180 drugs, 70% of which are included in the list of vital and essential drugs.

The membership of Sun Pharma in the association of like-minded people representing the leaders of the Russian pharmaceutical market testifies not only to the high level of production and the quality of products, but also to the company’s strategic plans aimed at the development of a modern and high-tech pharmaceutical industry in Russia.

“The high level of production, excellent quality of products demanded by the population and the healthcare system, the qualified staff and professionalism of the Sun Pharma management have earned well-deserved respect and authority among the participants in the pharmaceutical markets of Russia and the EAEU. The joint events of ARPM and Sun Pharma confirmed the unity of positions on the topical issues of the industry development and made the issue of the company’s entry into ARPM only a matter of time. Now we are together, which means that we have become more professional, responsible and more resourceful in solving the problems facing the pharmaceutical industry”- commented the General Director of ARPM, Victor Dmitriev.

“We are pleased to welcome all ARPM members and join the community of professionals in the Russian pharmaceutical market.

In the face of ARPM, we have found our like-minded people and partners. We have always supported and support professional communities that promote the ideas of growth and development of pharmaceutical production in the Russian Federation. Indeed, we have already established fruitful partnerships, for example, when holding joint events on pressing issues for us, such as the introduction of a drug labeling system in the Russian Federation, increasing the profitability of production and the availability of VED drugs.

Thus, by joining the Association, we only formalized the already established cooperation and are confident that this step will give a new impetus for further joint promotion of projects for the localization of the company’s production in the Russian Federation,” added Artur Valiev, Head of the «Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited» Representative Office in Moscow.

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