The 8th conference “State regulation and Russian pharmaceutical industry- 2016”

The 8th conference “State regulation and Russian pharmaceutical industry- 2016” will be held in Moscow on March 21. The conference is organized by the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (ARPM), Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM), analytical company DSM Group, Research Institute of Healthcare Organization and Medical Management of the Health Department of Moscow.


For the 8th consequent year agenda and speakers of the conference attract a lot of specialists of pharmaceutical business and industry regulators. A presentation of the members of the Eurasian economic committee, State Duma deputies, representatives of Ministries of healthcare, industry and trade, economic development, the Federal Control Service in Healthcare, Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Ministry of Health of the EAEU member countries, the health authorities of Russian regions,  and pharmaceutical manufacturers and experts.

The key agenda of the meeting is legislation that regulates drug circulation and application of that legislation within the EAEU market. Members of the conference will get a unique opportunity to hear from those who participated in the decision-making process of the new legislation.



Design of the registration file with accordance to the regulation of the EAEU market

Mechanisms of mutual recognition of medicines within the EAEU

New regulation of pre-clinical trials (GSL and GCP)

GMP audit of foreign production facilities

Pharmacovigilance and quality control

Cooperation of the regulatory bodies

Stimulation of competition at the pharmaceutical bodies within the EAEU

Legalization of the parallel import within the EAEU

The law “Odd man out” and state purchases of medicines produced within the EAEU


“For the eighth time, DSM Group together with ARPM and AIPM invite regulatory, producers, inspectorate and experts of the pharmaceutical industry to participate in the discussion on different aspects of the market. This year’s key topic will be new legislation and its application within the EAEU market. The issues of drug registration and circulation, mechanisms of mutual recognition of registrations, inspectorate, and other topics will be discussed. We will be looking for solutions and ideas to promote and develop the Russian pharmaceutical industry and our healthcare system,” said Director General of DSM Group, Sergey Shulyak.


Informational partners of the meeting are “ Vestink Roszdravnadzora”, “Medical Vestnik”, “Aptekar”, “Moscow Apteki”, “GMP News”. “Pharmaceutical Union”, “Remedium”, “Vademecum”, “Aptechniy Business”, “Pharmaceutical Industry”, “Development and Registration of Medicines”, and the Pharmtech&Ingredients exhibition. General informational partner is “Pharmaceutical Vestnik”.


We invite all interested parties to participate in the conference which is to be held in Business-Hotel Borodino, Moscow on March 31, 2016.


Please contact ARPM for further information.

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