State regulation and the Russian pharmaceutical industry — 2019: continuation of the dialogue

April 10, 2019 in the Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel (Moscow), the XI scientific-practical conference "State Regulation and Russian Pharmaceutical Industry — 2019: continuation of the dialogue " will be held.

The co-organizer of the conference will be the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "National Research Institute of Public Health named after N.A. Semashko.

In 2019, the preparation of the National Drug Policy (NDP) will be one of the main topics. The issues of accessibility of drugs and the selection of optimal mechanisms for the implementation of the drug supply system, improvement of the system of forming drug lists and pricing them, ensuring rational and safe usage of drugs, the experience of the Kirov region on the implementation of the co-payment system will be considered.

The conference will be chaired by the heads of the working groups for the preparation of the project, the heads of the subgroups of the interfractional working group on the improvement of legislation in the field of drug supply for citizens, the heads of relevant executive authorities, industry associations, analysts and market experts, representatives of patient organizations.

Commenting on the upcoming event, the head of the working group, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Khokhlov, said: "The most important problem is the further improvement of the accessibility of effective and safe drugs that improve the quality and increase the life expectancy of the population of the Russian Federation."

It is expected that the meeting will report on the preliminary results of the work in groups, and this will start the discussion of the chapters of the NDP provisions laid down in the draft.

We invite you to participate in the XI scientific-practical conference.

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