Russian Pharmaceutical Business at the Eastern Economic Forum

The First Eastern Economic Forum, organized after the initiative of President Putin takes place in Vladivostok. For the next three days participants of the Forum will discuss issues of development of economic and investment potential of the Far East.

               The Eastern Economic Forum is a unique field of interaction of the leading Russian and foreign economics professionals, state authorities and business from Russia and countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The main agenda of the Forum is to strengthen connections between international investment community, Russian business, federal and regional authorities, as well as to increase competition and investment attractiveness of the region.

               The main session of the Forum was dedicated to the future of the Asia-Pacific region and the Russia’s new economic policy at the Far East. The Forum also had presentations of different investment projects and different industry conferences.

               The meeting had representatives of the Russian pharmaceutical industry and well as companies from China, Korea, and Japan. The Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers has signed agreements with many of the foreign companies. Also, the Forum brought together representatives of the markets of Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia; the countries where Russian companies what to be present. It is important that the Eastern Economic Forum took place in the Far Eastern Federal University. That region traditionally has a great school of pharmacists.

“The Far East region is becoming a territory of perspective development. The close location to our asian partners who has developed pharmaceutical and R&D faculties, makes the region attractive for investors. The hold meetings with the region producers and foreign partners allow to form areas of mutual interest. I am confident that the hold meetings would turn into projects that would increase export potential of the Russian pharma,” said ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev.

President Putin visited the Forum on September 4. In his speech the president mentioned the situation is Russian economy and the investment potential of the Far East Region.


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