Pilot projects of the beneficiary drug coverage


“The main aspect of the implementation of the pilot projects of drug provision is to clearly understand what goals we want to achieve. Today the industry fits all the criteria that were set up by the Strategy of drug provision of people to up to 2025, however, the budget savings should not be among the main aspects of the strategy. Fist if all, we should pay attention to the medical parameters (morbidity, mortality and others). It is important to establish midway checkpoints in order to be able to make corrections along the way,” said ARPM Director general, Victor Dmitriev at the IPhEB & CPhIRussia international forum in Moscow.

Mr. Dmitriev also noted that there is no clear mechanism to control the usage of the preferential medicines. In particular, there is no way to check if patients used the medicines, as well well as to evaluate how effective the medicine is and whether or not the patients should switch the medicine. When implementing the pilot projects it is important to clearly identify their goals, mechanisms of  financial substitution and provision. Interests of all parties (producers, patients, and the state) should be minded. Also, we need to improve the level of trust among the patients.

Acting director of the Association “Pharmaceutical Innovations”, Vadim Kukaev proposed to remove tenders in state purchases and the referencing pricing. According to the Association, the price should be established through negotiation between the state and producers, by comparison, the therapeutic effect of a drug.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development, Julia Mikheeva, there is some complication in financing the polite projects. Still there are many issues to be solved. For example, the transition to the personification of beneficiary categories, issues of cross-subsidizing, implementations of the President’s orders on centralization of drug purchases to treat TB, HIV, Hep. However, the Ministry will try to find ways to finance the pilot projects.

Participants of the forum noted that state financing does not always keep up with the demand of the beneficiaries, therefore, the modernization of the system should, first of all, consider the budget that it has.

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