Pharmaceutical business for children!

Care of children, their health and harmonious education is a priority task of the government. It is necessary to solve this problem together. Unfortunately, in our country there are still a lot of orphans and children without parental care, and this group should have special attention. That is why, celebrating its 15th anniversary, the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers has decided to send all funds from the events to the Children’s Aid Center "Our Home".


In September this year, the Children’s Aid Center "Our Home" turns 70 years old. "Our center has gone through a long way. Times and people have changed, but the main mission of the institution has remained unchanged — caring for children who by fate have become orphans or children without parental care," the director of the Children’s Aid Center Bertа Travnichek said.


"More than 80% of children living in "Our Home" have health restrictions. The Center "Our Home" is located in a unique place "Curonian Spit "on the Baltic Sea coast in the city of Zelenogradsk. Increasing the motivation of children and parents for a healthy lifestyle, as well as informing about health risk factors are parts of the intensive work on the prevention of social orphanhood. What our children today depends on what society will be tomorrow. Only a healthy person with good health, psychological stability and high morality is able to live an actively, successfully overcoming various difficulties and achieve success in any activity", — Berta Travnichek said.


In one of the last days, in Children’s Aid Center  there was a festive event "Good-bye summer! Hi school!", dedicated to the end of summer holidays and the beginning of the school year. Within the framework of the event, the traditional health-improving race "Health Day – Seasons of the year" was held. The guys and guests competed in jumping, shooting and learned how to keep balance on the surfing. They participated in the race in Zelenogradsky Park and in a master class in handball, and as a result of all the activities they received diplomas and gifts for the creative and sporting achievements. The holiday, traditionally, brought together a large number of guests and partners. The General Director of the ARPM, Viktor Dmitriev, did a speech for the young school students.


The Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, on the eve of September 1st and the 70th anniversary of the Center, invites colleagues and partners to make a charitable contribution to the "Children’s Aid Center "Our Home":


Legal address: 238326, Kaliningrad region

Zelenogradsk city, Oktyabrskaya street, 7


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Code BK 000 0 00 00000 00 0000 180 — for charity funds

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