Our industry has a great future !


This year is a 15th anniversary of realizing the main mission by the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers: development assistance of the leading socially responsible pharmaceutical manufacturers which are capable to provide patients with the high-quality, modern and affordable medicines. Founded in 2002, it unites the pharmaceutical companies which produce over 85% of medicines produced in Russia, about 45% of export, more than 90%  of Russian made medicines in the Essential Drug Coverage program.


Since the time of establishment, the main goal of the Association has been the protection of interests of the Russian pharmaceutical industry in government authorities, the shift to advanced technologies and the building of a civilized medicines market in Russia. An important activity direction of the Association is the development of a training employees system for the pharmaceutical industry.


ARPP is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, actively collaborates with specialized government authorities. The Association aims to promote the competitiveness of the domestic pharmaceutical industry and promote the integration of the domestic pharmaceutical industry into the international market while maintaining and increasing the production and financial potential.


Over the last 15 years, the pharmaceutical industry in the Russian Federation has made a significant leap in development. There was a construction of new plants and modernization of existing ones. Today, all members of the Association work according to GMP standards which they have promoted to implement and legislate. ARPM, which unites the leading local manufacturers, arguably became an association of leaders, and the Russian pharmaceutical market in a global trend, making high demands on the quality of products, has entered the Top-10 worldwide.


15 years ago Russian Pharma, reborn after the devastation of the 90s, rose from its knees, declaring itself as an independent industry. The Russian market was entirely consisted of importers and foreign pharmaceutical companies. The scientific and production niches were almost fully destroyed. Nevertheless, some people and companies appeared which were ready to change the situation. Thus, in 2002 a group of Russian entrepreneurs established the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. It was a significant step on the path to the formation of modern Russian Pharma.


“We started to defend our interests in political and business fields, we said that our industry has a great future and you need to listen to us. We participated in discussions of laws, took part in the development of industry regulation, discussed the issues of counterfeit and falsification. During the last 15 years the Association has grown from a small group of interests to a full-fledged organization that defends the interests of domestic pharmaceutical producers both at the highest government level and at the international arena. We are one of the fastest growing parts of the Russian economy. Every year there are more and more legislative initiatives appear, aimed to regulating the pharmaceutical industry and medicines circulation and our goal, as association, is to make it harmonized, with the benefit for the country and citizens and taking into account the interests of the Russian industry”, — the General Director of LLC STPF POLYSAN, Alexander Borisov has mentioned.

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