Medicinal safety is the rationality, prudence and balance of interests of the pharmaceutical industry

Speaking at the scientific conference «Ensuring health preservation: new challenges and threats to drug safety» held in Moscow, ARPM General Director Victor Dmitriev drew attention to the components of the development of the local pharmaceutical industry.

Speaking about preferences for local companies, he noted that “support should not be turned into an overprotection, and the benefits of the drug must be proven not in the offices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, but in clinics”. Recently, we are increasingly faced with manifestations of jingoism, which negatively affects the treatment of patients. Of course, the depth of processing and the creation of a full cycle pharmaceutical production are extremely important. However, this should not be to the detriment of patients.

The cornerstone should be the balance between the country’s drug independence and the economic feasibility of the full cycle. Proposals to restrict the participation in tenders of manufacturers who do not work on a full cycle are not only a blow to the domestic pharmaceutical industry, but additionally and most importantly, a blow to Russian patients.

Interchangeability of drugs should be determined by clinicians and not by FAS officials. And FL 44 has long been necessary to be canceled in case of drug procurements.

“Failure to resolve these simple and understandable issues for all jeopardizes not only the medicinal safety of Russia, but sometimes the life of a particular patient in a particular locality of the country,” noted Victor Dmitriev.

Attempts to link patent protection with the drug registration process is a dangerous initiative that could not only undermine the generic business in Russia, but also cause irreparable damage to the healthcare system, encroaching on the lives of patients and healthcare budgets at different levels.

Such initiatives should be nipped in the bud and not make a laughing stock out of the Russian pharmaceutical market.

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