Fifteen years for the health of Russians!

In 2002, understanding the importance of consolidating the interests of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers and the need of their further support, the largest Russian pharmaceutical companies – «Nizhpharm», «Akrikhin», «Veropharm», «Otechestvennye lekarstva» and «Ufa-Vita» — have established the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers with the aim to develop the Russian pharmaceutical industry capable of providing the Russian citizens with innovative, high-quality and affordable medicines in the required amount.


The General Director of JSC «Nizhpharm» Dmitriy Efimov, speaking about the Association, mentioned that it was established practically at the dawn of the pharmaceutical business in Russia. Due to the work of the ARPM, during this time there was a transformation of the industry — Russian companies have learned how to work at the highest world standards, and took their position at the market.


"The success of any public organization, first of all, is determined by the common interests of its participants. In ARPM, which today unites both Russian and foreign companies, the work goes according to a clear business-friendly vector. Consolidation of key players of the industry contributes the elimination of communication barriers and effective interaction, including with the regulators. Thereby, the Association is an admitted expert and an equal participant in the intra-sectoral dialogue. A partner who is heard and trusted», Dmitriy Efimov said.  «The Association has repeatedly protected the interests of the industry, participating in the formation of the legislative and regulatory framework. For the players of the pharmaceutical market, first of all the ARPM was and remains a platform where a frank and open dialogue is going. Combining the efforts and expertise of the Association members, it was possible to create the concept of "Russian quality" in the pharmaceutical industry».


Accordance to the needs of the healthcare system, following the high quality standards of the products, social orientation and price accessibility course were and remain the key priorities in the work of the Association, undoubtedly shared the idea by its members, the President of JSC «Akrikhin» Denis Chetverikov said in his congratulations. "All these years we have been united by a true partner relationships — mutual support of initiatives and effective collective actions. We congratulate the Association on its anniversary and hope to continue the established dialogue and collaboration», — the speaker said.


Jerome Gave, Managing Director of Servier in Russia and the EAEU countries, also joined in congratulations of the 15th anniversary of the ARPM:

"Many years ago in 2002, the ARPM set a complex but extremely important task — to promote «the development of leading socially responsible pharmaceutical manufacturers that can provide patients with quality, modern and affordable medicines». This is how the Association once defined its mission, and have been following it steadily for 15 years — this is a very long period in our difficult and such a fleeting time. All these years, the ARPM remains an organization that succeeds calmly and carefully, with a high level of professionalism and political wisdom, relying on an expert and analytical basis and a  huge practical experience in balancing the interests of its members, government policy and, most importantly, serving its main target audience — patients. I want to congratulate the Association and personally Mr. Dmitriev, and I wish to continue the activity effectively and successfully, because your success is the success not only of the pharmaceutical business, but of the whole Russian Healthcare!».

Naira Adamyan, a General Director of Sanofi Russia, is happy to congratulate the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers on their anniversary:

"The value of collaboration with the Association for Sanofi can not be overestimated: combining the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies, it is a true engine for domestic companies, helping to develop and improve the competitiveness of our industry in order to provide patients with the most innovative and affordable medicines. And a large number of successfully implemented projects and initiatives during the last years are a vivid confirmation of this.


I also want to mention the openness of the Association and its continuing desire for developing. On February 14th, 2017, a truly epochal event for our industry took place: an agreement on partnership and collaboration between the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (ARPM) and the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) was signed. Within the framework of this Agreement, the Associations will ensure closer interaction on the issues of the circulation of medicines in the Russian Federation and on the territory of the European Union. We pin great hopes on the future of this partnership, whose main goal is a welfare of Russian patients, and we are sure that only in the dialogue a common success borns. I wish you many years of successful work".


Peter Zupan, Director of KRKA-RUS LLC:


«15 years is a great age to share experience and successes of effective work. All these years the Association represents the interests of the Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers, and promotes the competitiveness of the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Company KRKA, follows the mission "For a healthy lifestyle". During the last 15 years, we have developed and continue to develop the production of medicines on the territory of the Russian Federation to improve the quality of life of Russian patients, and today the share of Russian made medicines of KRKA-RUS LLC  is almost 2/3 of all KRKA drugs used in Russia. We are grateful to you for the opportunity to run a professional dialogue with the participants of the Russian pharmaceutical market and the government, contributing to our common goal of improving the health of citizens. We wish the Association successful development and implementation of all already planned and new projects!».


Alexander Keiko, General Director of JSC "Pharmasintez":


JSC Pharmasintez is a member of the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers since 2015. The company entered the Association with confidence in the positive effect of integration with the most authoritative and influential public organization at the Russian pharmaceutical market.


For  the 15 years the ARPM has been promoting the development of the Russian pharmaceutical industry, being a link for business and government and regulators. The Association’s capabilities really help its participants to defend their interests at the Russian and foreign markets. And also it allows for business to participate in creating an enabling environment for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. We expect that the ARPM will continue to increase its influence on the pharmaceutical market in order to fully realize all its tasks».


Alexander Borisov, General Director of LLC «NTFF» Polysan»:

 «15 years ago, Russian pharma only started to show itself as an independent industry. After the devastating 1990s, this business was not very attractive, everyone wanted to get quick money "here and now". The Russian market was the absolute patrimony of foreign pharmaceutical companies. The scientific and manufacturing base was almost destroyed. Nevertheless, people and companies had appeared who were ready to reverse this situation. In 2002 a group of Russian entrepreneurs established the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. It was one of the first steps in the beginning of the formation of modern Russian pharma.


We have started to defend our interests in political and business areas, we said that our industry has a great future and we need to be listened. We participated in discussions of laws, took part in the development of directions of regulation of the industry, discussed the issues of counterfeiting and falsification. For 15 years from a small group of interests the association has grown into a full-fledged structure that defends the interests of domestic pharmaceutical producers both at the highest government level and on the international arena.


For the past 15 years, our pharma has become a powerful industrial association in Russia, and has strengthened its position at foreign markets. We are one of the fastest growing areas of the Russian economy. The ARPM continues active work on the formation of the industry regulatory framework. Every year, there are more and more legislative initiatives aimed to regulate the pharmaceutical industry and drug treatment and our task as an association is to ensure that this is done in a harmonious way, with a benefit for the country and the citizens and taking into account the interests of Russian industry.




       To all of us, members of the ARPM, good luck, good and interesting beginnings. 


15 years is an invaluable experience, but at the same time it is only the beginning. Time to work out a new look at the changing world and set the goals for the years to come. Now the Russian pharmaceutical industry has opened a lot of great opportunities, and only interesting challenges and projects are waiting ahead.

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