ECOlab joined ARPM

Company ECOlab has become a member of the Association of the Russian pharmaceutical Manufacturers. The company specializes in producing diagnostic kits and medicines.

The company was founded in 1991 in Electrogorsk. First, the factory produced several dozen kits for diagnostic HIV, Syphilis, but soon a small laboratory turned into one of the leading domestic producers of diagnostic medicines and made it to top 30 Russian pharmaceutical companies. 

Today ECOlab is a modern production company with over 200 named medicines, which include immuno- enzyme test systems and other diagnostic kits, that are used in vitro to diagnose infectious and non-infectious pathologies; as well as kits for biochemical, hematological, histologic, microbiological tests, and other medicines. ECOlab supplies medical facilities for over 20 years.

The company consists of production of diagnostic and finished medicines, quality control, bio-technological control, and R&D labs. The company also has its own distribution network and diagnostic center.

ECOlab constantly and successfully participates in state auctions for state purchases, and it also exports to the CIS countries. The company cooperates with leading research institutions in Russia and with the producers of similar medicines in Germany, Spain, UK, and France. According to All-Russia competitions, the company is in top 100 best manufacturers and organizations in Russia for the last 5 years.

Director for commerce, Olga Nechay hopes for the productive cooperation with ARPM. Our new membership at the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers  is a new big event in the history of our manufactory. We look forward into the opportunities of the Association to promote domestic pharmaceutical producers.

We are ready to contribute to the development and success of the pharmaceutical industry, as it is very important for our country. The more we import, the less prosperous our country would get. We will fight against those who are trying to discredit domestic companies.

We expect support from our membership to develop new medicines, exchange of experience, and mutual work on the state programs. We are interested in participation at conferences and meetings, and we want to be more involved in formation of a consolidate position of the pharmaceutical community on current agenda.

Support of domestic producers within the current situation has a significant meaning. The fact that ECOlab became a member it is not only logical but also a landmark for the company. The development of production of the demanded medicines in Russia makes the industry stable and independent from different political and economical changes. We are confident that with the new membership we will see progress in and great perspectives, said ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev. 



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