Dreams Come True with R-Pharm

Anastasia Kamneva received the highest award at the WorldSkills World Championship. A student from Yaroslavl became the first Russian woman to be awarded the Albert Vidal Prize.

August 27 in Kazan ended the world championship of working professions WorldSkills. For the first time in the competition program the competence “Laboratory and chemical analysis” was presented. The rivals of the Yaroslavl student were laboratory assistants from Colombia, Finland, Great Britain, China and other countries. But the current champion of European competitions EuroSkills proved her superiority this time also. The training of the Russian national team member was carried out by the R-Pharm group of companies.

“A lot of people were involved in my victory. A large team of experts helped me. I prepared under the guidance of trainers, R-Pharm employees, and underwent comprehensive training in nine modules presented in competitive assignments. I studied on the basis of specialized laboratories in Moscow and St. Petersburg, I was trained by teachers of the Yaroslavl Industrial College of Economics and pharmaceutical professionals. Today, emotions are overwhelming, I want to thank everyone for their help, for believing in me, and I want to thank separately the director of biotechnological projects of R-Pharm, Andrei Romanovich Yakovenko, ”said the winner.

WorldSkills World Championship of Professional Excellence brought together young professionals from 67 countries. They competed in 56 competencies. The contribution of the Yaroslavl student became an important component of the success of the entire National team, which won 22 medals — 14 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze medals, as well as 25 medallions for professionalism. In the medal standings, our country was in second place, losing only to the Chinese team.

“I didn’t even think about such a victory, I only hoped for gold in my competence,” Anastasia Kamneva admitted.

In 2014, R-Pharm, together with the Yaroslavl Industrial and Economic College, initiated the inclusion of the Laboratory and Chemical Analysis competency in the program of the WorldSkills national championship. During this time, competence entered the regional stages of professional competitions, was fixed in the program of the Russian championship, in 2018 it was presented at the European championship, and this year for the first time the competitions of the best laboratory assistants took place at the world level.

“With the competence“ Laboratory and Chemical Analysis ”, we have come a long way: from the initiative at the Russian stage to reaching the world championship. And here the main goal is not a competition to identify the best of the best, but, first of all, to increase interest in the profession, in work in the pharmaceutical industry. WorldSkills Championships do an excellent job of this. Today, laboratory chemist competitions are held throughout Russia, annually increasing the number of participants. At the international level, our initiative also received a good response, which testifies to the high demand for highly qualified specialists in this field all over the world, ”said Ivan Semenov, Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Development at R-Pharm.


"Dreams Come True! Now I am a specialist of the Biotechnology Projects Directorate, and in the future I want to work in the development department, ”Anastasia Kamneva emphasized.

We heartily congratulate Anastasia on a difficult but well-deserved victory. The Yaroslavl pharmaceutical cluster serves as an example for other regions, successfully combining education, science and production. Anastasia Kameneva’s victory at the World Championship is another confirmation of the correct cluster development strategy. It is safe to say that its future is in good hands. It is gratifying to note that colleagues from R-Pharm, a member of the ARPM, were engaged in the preparation of the future world champion. We would like to wish both Anastasia and the R-Pharm team to keep it up!

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