Chinese and Russian pharmaceutical companies are to up for a long-term cooperation

A Russia- Chinese business meeting took place in St. Petersburg on September 17. The Chinese counterparts led by the Jinan CPC Municipal Committee Secretary-General, Wang Ventao, his deputy Secretary, Yang Hyaogang and CEO of Qilu Pharmaceutical, Li Yang. The Russian counterparts were presented by ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev and Deputy director of Long Sheng, Valery Mandrovsky.

Both parties agreed that cooperation in healthcare is one of the priorities of the relations between the two countries. Pharmaceutical industry plays an important part in the cooperation. Thus, the turnover in pharmaceutical goods reached $1.5 billion in 2015. China is the leading supplier of pharma substances to Russia. The shear of Chinese pharmaceutical goods reached 78% in the first half of 2016. 

In order to further develop the relationships, an Agreement on strategical cooperation in the area of supply of pharmaceutical raw materials to Russia  was signed between Qilu Pharmaceutical and Long Sheng. Long Sheng represents ARPM in Hong Kong. ARPM Director General, Victor Dmitriev, noted that Long Sheng has proved itself as a trustful and reliable partner.

“We consider this agreement not only as a way of business cooperation between the two countries but also as another keystone between a single pharmaceutical market between Russian and China. We value the social responsibility of such a cooperation. The primary goal is not a finical benefit, but a provision of people with affordable medicines,” Mr. Dmitriev.

The Chinese counterparts expressed the confidence that the signed agreement is a guarantee for a long-term cooperation between the two countries. Also, the experience exchange will allow improving the quality of Russian medicines.

“The Chinese regulators became very critical about the quality of medicines. In some areas, the requirements are more strict than in Europe. Therefore, the raw materials that will be exported to Russia will meet all the quality standards. Our goal is to provide high quality and affordable medicines for the people of the two countries,” said CEO of Qilu Pharmaceutical, Li Yang.

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