ARPM took part in the meeting of the expert council under the State Duma Committee

On 12th of March, in Dimitrovgrad, at the Federal High-Tech Center for Medical Radiology of FMBA Russia, there was a meeting of the expert council for the development of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical industries under the State Duma Committee on economic policy, industry, innovative development and entrepreneurship.


Representatives of ministries and departments, profile associations, representatives of business community and public organizations took part in the meeting. At the technology transfer center, participants of the meeting took part in a tour around the Ulyanovsk region and the laboratories and offices, where promising developments in healthcare industry are in process.


«In the Ulyanovsk region today, there are all three groups of major agglomerations that are being created recently for investors: a special economic zone, industrial parks, and a territory of advanced social and economic development. All these territories provide a certain package of benefits for investors, and we can see how this is in demand by business now», — a Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Sergei Tsyb said opening the meeting. The center, which receives the members of the council, will be completed by the end of the year. The cost of the facility is about 21 billion Rubles. Here you can get various types of medical help — diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation. The institution is equipped with a unique cyclotron made in Belgium, and upgraded in the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Dubna. Dimitrovgrad Center will be the only in Russia and the largest in Europe complex of a full cycle of nuclear medicine, in which all methods of diagnostics and treatment available today will be presented. The project is being implemented on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin within the framework of the concept of the state program «Creation of the federal centers for medical radiological technologies». Dimitrovgrad is one of the main places in Russia in the field of radiation medicine and fundamental research in nuclear energy, which have been held here for more than 50 years. The Ulyanovsk region is in Top-5 leaders among all regions of Russia by the share of R&D in the GRP and in 10 the most innovative regions of the country.


«Each workplace that is created in this center generates the creation of at least ten jobs in related industries», — the governor of the Ulyanovsk region, Sergey Morozov, said at the meeting. In addition, he added that this is a great perspective, first of all, for young people not only from the Ulyanovsk region, but also for those who are ready to move from the nearby regions — Tatarstan, Samara and Penza regions. Discussing the agenda, the meeting participants noted the need to improve the regulatory framework.


«Science forges ahead. Technical progress, the evolution of knowledge, innovative technologies actively influence the life of a modern man. Having said that, their implementation in everyday life requires the modern regulator, ensuring the rapid introduction of new products on the market with a guarantee of their safety and effectiveness. Discussion within the expert council on the prospects for the development of nuclear medicine and radiopharmacology, especially with the use of short-lived isotopes, has shown the need of changes, and a possibly to create a separate regulatory framework for regulating this field», — Victor Dmitriev, the General Director of the ARPM has noted.

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