ARPM took part in a Federal project «Mentors: not close, but together!»

On 18th of May in Kaliningrad region the «Mentors: not close, and together!» project was summed up. Within the framework of the meetings the graduates of the institutions of the Centers for Assistance to Children left without parental care, the mentors helped to determine the future profession. Top managers, state officials, managers, cultural workers, science, education, arts and sports leaders took part in the program as chiefs.


Six pairs for the four months met, talked, got acquainted, made plans and dreamed together. According to the organizers, such «patronage» can really help a junior to make the right life choice, set a goal and find ways to achieve it.


Alexander Afanasyev is a graduate of the 9th grade, he dreams to be a pharmacist, so a real professional in this field was invited to him as a tutor — Victor Dmitriev, the General Director of the Association of the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. The program of meetings was scheduled in an individual calendar and was full of unique events.


So, they visited the industrial business park «Ecobaltik». A factory for the production of the Miramistin antiseptic was built on its territory. The high school student visited the enterprise of such type for the first time in his life, where he saw how the production line works and what kind of high-tech equipment is used in the production of medicines. Alexander was told about the details of the work of a chemist-technologist, they did a tour around the plant, where he got acquainted with the stages of production.


In addition, the project participants have visited the new warehouse complex of the pharmaceutical distributor «Protek Implementation Center». Alexander saw the work of the warehouse complex, which had been built with the use of environmental friendly materials and fully compliant with international GDP standards. The complex is equipped with high-tech high storage equipment, modern refrigeration units to comply with the cold chain with the necessary temperature regimes and a common room.


Another stage of the project was a visiting of one of the pharmacies of the Rigla chain, whose points are located in 50 regions in Russia. During the fascinating journey of medicines from the factory to the pharmacy counter, Viktor Dmitriev told Alexander about the peculiarities of the pharmaceutical industry development in Russia and in the world. The participants also visited the sights of the Kaliningrad region — the Kurshskaya Kosa museum-park, Zelenogradsk city-resort and Kaliningrad itself.


«The project has been succeeded. The project is promising and very necessary. – has noted the General Director of the ARPM, Viktor Dmitriev at the closing ceremony. — I’m sure this direction has a future. Despite the limited terms of communication, I tried to show all the nuances of our interesting business. Definitely you need to start going into details earlier, maybe in elementary school, starting in the game form to get acquainted with the profession. Definitely you can say: the second stage of the project to be!».


This is not the only format implemented by the ARPM with the involvement of graduates and students. Last year, the Innovative Student Camp «Pharma of the Future» organized by the ARPM was successfully held, and in January 2019 the VI Russian Pharmaceutical Competition will take place in Nizhny Novgorod.


ARPM appreciates the companies «Infamed K», «Protek» and «Rigla» for their assistance and participation in the project.

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