ARPM: there are no interruptions in drug supply and will not be

To date, there is no interruption in medication and is not expected. We have sufficient reserves of drugs and raw materials, all the necessary reserves have been created. This was announced on April 16 by the director general of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Victor Dmitriev at the online conference of Kommersant Publishing House “Latest pharmaceutical industry news and anti-virus investments”.

According to him, there are drugs for symptomatic treatment, antipyretic, antiviral over-the-counter drugs. Companies not only fulfill all their obligations, but also quickly respond to requests from the healthcare system and the market. So, the Polisan company, the manufacturer of the Cycloferon drug, significantly increased production. It provides not only patients from Russia and EurAsEC, but also supplies drugs to the countries of Southeast Asia. “At the request of the Government of Indonesia, medicines were sent to the country for the prevention and treatment of a new viral infection, a similar shipment is being prepared for Vietnam,” said the head of the ARPM.

Victor Dmitriev drew attention to the fact that employees’ epidemiological safety measures were strengthened at the plants. Even employees of the warehouse and packaging workshop work in protective suits. Fulfilling the instructions of the chief sanitary doctor of Russia, the enterprises measure the temperature of all employees three times a day, at the first sign of illness, the employee will be sent to the doctor and home. He or she will be able to return to production only with a certificate of complete health. Identified cases of the disease in pharmaceutical production have not yet been recorded.

Summing up the situation in the country and the world, Victor Dmitriev thanked the doctors who save people daily, risking their own lives and health. He expressed the hope that in medicine, politics, the social sphere and the economy, much will change for the better. First of all, the responsibility of those who make decisions will increase. “With the daily feat of doctors, we see, unfortunately, officials, and sometimes authorities, which act as in the proverb “Some die at war, and some make profits of it” the expert summed up.


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