ARPM: Students do not clearly understand the structure of a pharmaceutical company and their future position in it

On 20th of April in Orel there was a meeting of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation re healthcare entrepreneurship, which has been organized along with the Government of Orel region and the Orel Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Viktor Dmitriev, a CEO of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufactures (ARPM) and the representative of the Council of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry took part in this event.


Speaking at the session, he mentioned the relevance and significance of staffing support of the industry. Staff trainings  for the pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare industry should satisfy the modern standards  and manufacturers’ requirements.


According to a CEO of the ARPM, the graduates are not ready for a real work in a pharmaceutical industry. «Students have knowledge, having said that, they are not ready to work at the pharmaceutical manufacture. We did a survey among over 400 representatives of the pharmaceutical manufacturers and we find out that the students do not even understand a company’s structure and they don’t imagine their future position in it. Basically they can imagine just two positions, like a common pharmacist or a CEO of a company.», — the speaker mentioned.


In addition, Viktor Dmitriev said that many graduates which have diplomas with distinctions can not compose an appropriate CV and deliver their wishes in it.


The Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufactures during last 8 years has been organizing the All-Russian pharmaceutical Olympiad for students of medical and pharmaceutical universities. The Olympiad gives a chance to test knowledge, teamwork, stress resistance, to match your knowledge with a real needs of  employers in a form of various tasks and master class. The winners get an internship opportunity in the member companies of ARPM.

The Olympiad for employers is a great chance to communicate with potential employees, to share ideas about specificity of the profession and to understand the needs of the future staff.


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